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Research On The Problem Of Professional Manager Professional Ethics In Our Country

Posted on:2009-03-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the implementation of modern enterprise system, the traditional corporation managing structure and the structure of property rights have been changing foundmentally and professional managers were introduced to China. After more than 10 years' development, professional managers have been and are playing more and more important role in the sustainable development of national economy , while the demand for professional managers gradually increases too. Their professional behaviours are enlarged quickly by the market, and their professional ethics level to the social has a far-reaching impact. Professional ethics is an important part in business ethics, which adjusts the relations between people in the professional activities and insures the healthl development of professional activities. In one sense, professional ethics can be the core in the industries, and the basic of their exist and development. It's necessary for a matured market economy system and owning a number of professional managers who are faithful and obey to the professional ethics.It's hard and urgent for the issue of professional managers's professional ethics, which just because of the needs in our country at the stage of urgency, and their whole qualities have to be enhanced yet now. Under this background, the essay inspects the current situation of our professional managers, and analyses its reasons deeply. On the basis of theoretical analysis, with our country's true condition, it explores the way to improve the realization of professional managers' ehtics, to equip their management more effectively.
Keywords/Search Tags:The Professional Managers, Professional Ethics, Present situation, Problems, Professional Ethics construction
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