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A Study On The Professional Ethics Of Civil Servants In China

Posted on:2016-04-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206330470472541Subject:Ideological and political education
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The level of professional ethics of civil servants directly affect the effectiveness of the government to fulfill its functions. In addition, civil servants professional ethics level can represent and influence the ethics level of the whole society to a large extent, civil servants should take advantage of good professional ethics to advance of the ethics standards of society as a whole, playing the role of benchmarking and leading in the society. China’s ongoing reform of the administrative system makes a variety of social problems and contradictions,which highlights the quality of professional ethics of the civil servicants. Based on in-depth study of civil servant professional ethics, in the process of civil servant professional ethics construction in our country the existence question, and puts forward corresponding measures to solve these problems. This article altogether is divided into five parts:The first part is the introduction of this article. It mainly introduce the background and significance, puts forward the main research present situation of domestic and foreign, research ideas and methods;The second part is the overview of occupation ethics of the civil servants, mainly including the connotation of occupation ethics, and occupation ethics occupation ethics, the characteristics and content of civil servants occupation ethics, and related theory (new public management theory, justice theory, the theory of human resource management);The third part is the important of strengthen the occupation ethics construction of civil servants, mainly include following content:it is the important part of promote the construction of Party’s ruling ability. It is the only way of improve the credibility of the government. It is the need of anti-corruption. It is the inherent requirements of the development of the market economy. It is an important guarantee of smooth implementation socialist harmonious society. It is favorable to improve the whole social ethics level. It can conducive to the realization of the rule of law;The fourth part is the current problems and reasons of professional ethics of civil servant of our country, it including the current existing problems in our country’s civil servants professional ethics (the reason the civil servants themselves, weakness of clean fingered self-discipline consciousness, lack of awareness of efficient and pragmatic, and responsibility consciousness should be strengthened etc.). And the reasons of problems of civil servants professional ethics of our country (the influence of officialdom standard thought, three defense is weak, the adverse effects of market economy, the lack of system of civil servant professional ethics, civil service ethics related legal lag);The fifth part is the countermeasures for strengthening the professional ethics of civil servants, mainly including accelerate reform of the administrative system, strengthen the three line construction; to create a favorable external environment for the construction of professional ethics of civil servants; further improve relevant systems of occupational ethics construction of civil servants; strengthen the ethics education, improve the professional ethics of civil servants; speed up the legislation of civil servants professional ethics construction; Civil servants should strengthen their self-cultivation, to enhance their own quality and ability to perform their duties.
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