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The Study On Management Efficiency Of NPO And Empirical Research

Posted on:2008-12-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S C BianFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360245991330Subject:Business Administration
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The paper gives a brief study on the general description of non-profitorganization's development both China and abroad, the main conceptions, the causeof its emergence, the characters and classification, and the main theories. Then itanalyzes the efficiency conception and its expression in different point of views, andgives a brief introduction of the theories, methods and results about the NPO's study.After the study on the character of public good and private good, it analyzes andstudies the macro efficiency of the organization in the macro institutional supply, themodel of organization and macro-management angle combine with the actual status ofthe NPO in China,and testify the comparative macro efficiency superiority of NPO.The paper then studies the micro efficiency of NPO, discusses the effecting factors oforganization efficiency. In the end, the research gives a case of Association forScience and Technology as the empirical study, and makes some suggestions on howto improve the managing efficiency of Association for Science and Technology on thebasis of the analysis about macro and micro efficiency of the organization.The paper includes five chapters, the main research contents and creative pointsare as follows:1. The development of the NPO, the pressure and challenges the NPO in Chinashould face, and the necessary of the study about the efficiency of NPO.2. Discuss the theoretical basis of NPO and efficiency; clear the conception ofNPO and its border, etc. Give the 7 kind of relation between government and NPO inthe NPO's emergence new point of view; put forwards the construction and operationprinciple of NPO.3. According the theories and methods of NPO study, the paper analyzes theefficiency of NPO in the angle of macro and micro managing efficiency. On the basisof study about the macro institutional efficiency, organizational efficiency andmanaging efficiency, we induce the organization efficiency formula; put forwards theconcept of systematic efficiency and the formula.4. Suggest introducing the modern managing theory and method to NPOmanaging field, and gives the application example of the strategy management, ISOquality management and performance management in NPO.5. With the research theory and method of efficiency, the study takes theAssociation for Science and Technology as a case, give a detail analysis on the macroand micro efficiency of Association for Science and Technology, set up a efficiencyestimation model, do some calculation on the management efficiency.6. Put forwards the suggestions on improving the management efficiency ofAssociation for Science and Technology.
Keywords/Search Tags:non-profit organization (NPO), efficiency, macro efficiency, micro efficiency, management efficiency, association for science and technology
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