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Legal Thinkings About The Customs Protection On Intellctual Property Rights Under The New Situation

Posted on:2009-09-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In economic globalization's today, strengthens the intellectual property rights customs to protect, is constructs the innovation country and the socialism harmonious society's request inevitably. on April 9, 2008, the State Council routine conference consideration and adopts "Country Intellectual property rights Strategy Summary" in principle. This protected to the intellectual property rights customs set the new higher request. This article first to the intellectual property protection, the frontier measure and the customs protection and so on basic concept and the question carries on introduced that then protects system's development change and the present situation to Our country Customs carries on the analysis; Protected the system existence to the present customs the question and the solution mentality, how to solve in our country foreign trade to exist"decides the sign processing"the right infringement question and so on to carry on the discussion, finally to Judicial organ, in the customs protected judicial practice questions and so on function and improvement make the analysis. From the customs, the enterprise, court three angle embarking, have analyzed the present situation which as well as the existence question Our country Intellectual property rights Customs protect, gave the improvement comment and the method.
Keywords/Search Tags:Customs registration, Border measures, Customs Protection of Intellectual Property, International Trade
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