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Study On The Problems In Customs Protection Of Intellectual Property In China

Posted on:2009-12-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y H CaoFull Text:PDF
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As the rapid growth of the international trade,the illegal international trade,which violates the intellectual property rights, is growing fast as well.The huge volumes of the illegal cases bring enomous damage to the international trade.The international society comes to the common point that the customs protection of intellectual property is more and more becoming one effective methods to protect the intellectual property across countries. In practice as well as the academic society, there has be a long-time debate about over-protection or proper protection in regards to intellectual property rights.As an important chain of China's intellectual property protection, the customs plays an important role and has also got involved in the debates. Laws and policies concerning intellectual property protection should be in line with the development of the society as well as its cultural tradition and legal practice. This article tries to interpret existing intellectual property protection system, and evaluate our current customs protection. Moreover, it also manages to analyze some of the key issues of intellectual property protection and how China could pursue proper, balanced and harmonious customs protection.
Keywords/Search Tags:Intellectual Property, Customs Protection, Border Measure, comparative analysis
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