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Studies On The Behaviors Of The Chinese Local Government Officials In The Framework Of Promotional Mechanism

Posted on:2009-06-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L L JingFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360272480845Subject:Political economy
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As the developing country, under the premise of the input- factor insufficiency and the inadequate economic system, China actually has attracted worldwide attention onto her economic growth. Since the 20th century, the world has started to pay attention to the Chinese unique way of economic growth. To our surprise, the eyes of the expert and the scholar are on Chinese unique political system.Any institution can show as some human beings'behaviors in particular. Therefore, we equate analyzing institutions to analyzing varied behavioral choices from human beings. Only if we understood human beings'behaviors in the institution-varied background, we should make policies better and then consummate them. So this article will take the local government officials in the framework of promotional mechanism as our object, analyzing the individual influence made by the local government official to the whole.This article is divided into five chapters. The first chapter is the introductory, in which we ask the question, introduce related research achievement at present as well as define basic concepts used in this article. The second introduces the institutional foundation of the local government official's behaviors, based on which we simply introduce the dynamic relationship of the local government official's behavioral pattern and the institutional foundation. The third utilizes the empirical analysis method, in turn analyzes the way the three independent variables including the Central authorities (or the Central official), the local government official's competitor as well as the jurisdiction residents urge the local government official's behavior vicissitudes in the different institution combination. The fourth chapter embarks from these two different views including the local government official and the Central authorities, to put forward the proposals on improving the local government official's behaviors. We will show the conclusion at the final part and then point out the insufficiency of my paper .The old saying says"hitting the snake is hitting the seven inches'point",so is analyzing question. Only if we held up with the core of the question, our analysis should be pertinent. Pursuing the root, tracing back to the source, we can correct promptly and appropriately the local government official's behaviors, and then make use of favorable conditions and avoid unfavorable conditions.
Keywords/Search Tags:local government, local government officials, formal rule, informal rules, behavior
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