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Examing And Optimizing Local Government "Ambivalent Behavior" During The Period Of Economical Transation

Posted on:2012-12-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2246330335968242Subject:Administrative Management
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The process of Economic transition in more than 30-year reform and open policy in china was a significant achievement but brought some problems as well. Analyzing these achievements and problems deeply, we found that the basic reason is the dual behaviors of local this study, we assume that the Local government whose behavior will take on the duality obviously with the different benefits is an intrinsic essential variable during the economic transition period in china, which plays a role of promotion but brings some obstructions as well in the process of market reform. However, what factors influence and determine the dual behaviors of local government in the process of market reform and transition? What are the inherent law, external performance and behavior effect of the dual behavior of local government? And how is developing process and the evolved path of local government? And so far, these basic questions have not been researched and solved systematically and deeply. Therefore, Analysis from the angle of New institutional economy, this thesis will construct a theory frame to analyze the dual behaviors of local government and to study its reasons, performance and effectiveness results based on normative and empirical analysis methods. Then we will re-explain economy reforming process theoretically, and provide some beneficial suggestion for local government reforming in the reality in china.This thesis includes six chapters. Chapter one is the introduction. In this part, we remark the original selecting reasons about this thesis and the domestic and foreign present research situation. In Chapter two, firstly we introduce the conception of the local government, then elaborate the specific contents of the dual behaviors of the local government. In Chapter three, we summarize and analyze the dual behaviors of local government and its effects from five facets. In Chapter four, we concentrate on the formation mechanism of the dual characteristic behavior of local government in the prospective of principal agent theory, property right theory and transaction cost theory respectively. In Chapter five, we propose some specific suggestions on basic of chapter four reasons analysis. Chapter six is conclusion.The innovation of this thesis is that we analyze the formation mechanism, performance and behavior effects of the dual behavior of local government among the central government, local government and other subjects and under the content of economic transition, therefore, it presents on a brand new view of understanding and researching the process of economic transition in china and forms a new institutional economy theoretical formation for studying on the dual the dual behavior of local government, which is significant beneficial to provide some valuable references for local government reforms in china.
Keywords/Search Tags:Economic transition, Local government, Dual behavior, Central government, Non-government subjects, principal-agent contracts, property rights, Transaction cost
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