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A Comparative Study Of Person Deixis In Chinese And English Civil Law Text And Its Translation

Posted on:2010-05-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J LiaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360275960369Subject:Legal Translation Theory and Practice
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The term "deixis" is borrowed from the Greek word for "pointing" or "indicating". Deixis, as an ordinary linguistic phenomenon, plays a significant role in human communication. Deixis is an important theory in the field of pragmatics, and widely applied to the field of linguistic philosophy, semantics, and psycholinguistics. It is a kind of reference. Deixis refers to a linguistic phenomenon or a process of indicating person, entity, time, place, process and social relationships in certain context by deictic words.The theory of deixis is used to analyze discourses of literature, dialogue of movies, interview language and daily words. People seldom do the research on person deixis into legal texts from the perspective of translation. The theory of deixis is expected to be applied in the analysis of language of civil law text both in Chinese and English. This author of the thesis tries to locate all the person deixis in civil law text, based on the definition, nature and function. Firstly, the characteristics of person deixis in Chinese and English civil law text are summed up. Secondly, the translation features of person deixis are compared. Thirdly, differences are to be found and the cause of the differences to be elaborated. Finally, translation norms of person deixis are summarized.The thesis consists of six chapters, the first chapter is introduction; The second chapter is literature review. The author quotes research achievements on deixis in common language and legal language in some fields. The third chapter is to research on the features of Chinese and English person deixis in civil law. The forth chapter is to research r the translation of person deixis in civil law. The fifth chapter is to sum up the translation norms of person deixis in civil law. The last chapter is conclusion. The author discusses the findings, the deficiency of the study of person deixis in the thesis.
Keywords/Search Tags:person deixis, civil law text, characteristics, translation norms, equivalence
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