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Research On System Of Time Limit For Adducing Evidence

Posted on:2010-08-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The system of Time Limit for Adducing Evidence (hereinafter referred to as System) is a very important component of Evidence System. It's an indispensable process to fulfill the civil liability proof system and judicial limit system in our country. And it's an important way to implement the efficiency, the benefits and the justice of the legal procedure. The System is based on the《Some Provisions of the Supreme People's Court on Evidence in Civil Procedures》, and it needs to be improved. This thesis started from the basis of the System to brief the concept, the nature and the type of the Time Limit for Adducing Evidence, and describe the value orientation of the System. And then the author summarized and reviewed the current System, analyzed the problems and the relative reasons while executing the System referring to my research of the history and the development of the System, and reviewed the System furthermore. Finally, the author provided detailed constructing suggestions for improving the System after analyzing the fundamentals of establishing the System.
Keywords/Search Tags:Time Limit for Adducing Evidence, Limit of giving proof, efficiency of lawsuit, procedural justice
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