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Study On The Relationship Between The Internet Media And The Judiciary

Posted on:2011-05-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M Y WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360305991750Subject:Procedural Law
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Internet has been ordinary in our life. In the age of information internet media takes it place in every field. More and more people find the way of law to solve there problem, and they believe the judicial system. The relationship between media and judiciary is historical and international. In 2005, one theme of the world conference of law is about "media and judiciary", which discussed the freedom speech and judiciary judicial. Many criminal cases are reported on the internet, citizens engage in argument which even affects the justice. The reporter permit is a progressive sign of citizen supervision of the criminal judiciary. However it also makes conflicts between the two, which destroys the right of citizen and judiciary. How to make balance between them is still an unsolved problem.The article analyses the relation of the two, finds the reason of conflicts, studies foreign experiences, finds the principle and consummates the system in our country.The first part gives a general overview of the internet media. It introduces the concept and character of the internet media, and the effect of the internet media on our society and the criminal judiciary.The second part discourses upon the unity of oppositeness between the internet media and the criminal judiciary. This part analyses the unity of the two on value and the oppositeness of the two on mechanism.The third part analyses the relationship between the two. This part specifically introduces the imbalance which has bad effects on our society between the two.The fourth part is about the right place of the relationship between the two. This part introduces the necessity and the principle of the internet media on the criminal judiciary. And the other country's experience is introduced.The fifth part scratches methods of improving relationship between the two. According to the above paragraphs, specific system is introduced.
Keywords/Search Tags:Internet media supervision, the judiciary, relationship balanced, system perfect
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