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A Discussion On Constitutional Guarantee Of Freedom Of Association

Posted on:2011-01-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360308483759Subject:Constitution and Administrative Law
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The freedom of association as a basic liberties in many countries in the constitution, with obvious way. Our first an interim constitution and constitutional all four, Chinese citizens have the freedom of association. Freedom of association refers to the citizens to certain principle and voluntary association according to certain principles, independent and free to organize various social groups activities. From the basic content of freedom of association, said the freedom, not have launched the interference freedom and maintain organized activities free three levels of meaning. From the right properties, freedom of association is a kind of political rights, it is a kind of individual freedom and collective free combination of freedom.Freedom of association for the realization of constitutionalism, it is the important significance of civil society is the basic rights of citizens of other constitutional rights is an important guarantee of political democracy, formed the indispensable means of rights. Freedom of association and community legislation is the current social development must be paid great attention. Due to our community development history of civil society, the consciousness of government and talk over the thin since the restriction of freedom of association, make the development of the civil rights did not get a good security.At present, our country is in the period of social transformation, the multivariate, diversity community of the existence and the development of modern society, the structural formation with demand. Our club management and freedom of association legislation has been unable to adapt to the needs of the development of the community, cannot guarantee citizens freedom of association, there exist many problems. To freedom of association, hoped we need to change the idea, the government, mainly in the face of the relationship between state and society, rationalize, freedom of association constitution law system should formulate the association law, formulate relevant regulations, reform of the community management system from three aspects: to improve.
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