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The Effectiveness Of GSP On Students' Problem Solving Ability Of Dynamic Geometry Is Under Exploration

Posted on:2011-11-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the rise of Dynamic Geometry in the 1980s, it has become one of the most popular problems tested in Senior High School Entrance Exams for almost 10 years. Such problem features integrity, flexibility and a combination of dynamic as well as unchangeable conditions, which cause the students' fear. The main purpose of this study is to explore how to integrate Geometry Sketchpad (GSP) into Dynamic Geometry teaching methodology and how the students feel and react. Meanwhile, the study is aimed at the differences between the students of subject class and the control class on the test results of solving Dynamic Geometry. The study also targets the effects on the students' problem solving process including problem solving time, drawing and spatial imagination abilities after the assisted instructions through GSP. The action research together with pre- and post-tests is adopted in the study. Through a combination of GSP teaching cases and interviews, the teachers and the students' feelings are under further research. Meanwhile, through the observation on the process of pre- and post-tests and their results, the effectiveness of GSP on students' problem solving ability of Dynamic Geometry is under exploration.It is found out that most students hold a positive attitude towards GSP software in class and using this software to learn Dynamic Geometry on their own is highly preferred. It is believed that the teachers' demonstrations produce better immediate comprehension effect and the group work of drawing can leave deeper impression, which helps the problems easier to understand. After understanding the dynamic process, especially watching the animation in GSP, the students are able to refect the whole process in their minds.On the other hand, during the study, the researcher's understanding and application of GSP assisted instruction on Dynamic Geometry are changed, the teaching idea and quality are improved, furthermore, the ability coping with teaching methods, cooperation, reflection and criticism is enhanced. In the process of action research, pre-tests and post-tests are adopted, thus assisting the analysis of the effectiveness of GSP assisted instructions on students' Dynamic Geometry problem solving on the basis of the accuracy of each problem, the average problem solving time and the solving process. The positive effects include a rise of accuracy, a shortening of solving time, the forming of a good habit of sketching while solving problems and the correctness of sketching. However, there are some negative effects on some ability cultivations such as algebraic sign operation ability, the diverse problem solving strategies and geometric thinking maturity.Finally, based on the findings of this study, some suggestions and plans are put forward on integrating GSP into Dynamic Geometry teaching and on improving students' spatial imagination.
Keywords/Search Tags:Geometry Sketchpad (GSP), Dynamic Geometry problems, Spatial imagination
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