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A Research On Present Situation And Development Countermeasure Of University High-level Volleyball Sports Team In South Country Of China

Posted on:2008-10-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J C ZangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360215969718Subject:Physical Education and Training
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It is an important strategic measurement for ordinary university setting up high-level Sports Team in our country for training multi-forms, multi-channel and multi-level outstanding talented person. Through practice and exploration of nearly 20 years, The high-level volleyball sports team, as the important component of the high-level sports team of University of our country, has accumulated some experience and certain achievement., although store a lot of in weak point.This text through mainly adopting research approaches such as documents and materials, expert interview law, the investigation method of the questionnaire and statistic law of mathematics and physics to make thoroughly investigations of the volleyball sports teams of 18 universities of the southern division participating in the national university student's league volleyball tournament. The Conclusions are:1.The main resources of athletes of southern universities high-level sports team in our country are from high school and sports school. The age structure is quite reasonable, but the present recruitment of students regulatory policy already appeared some malpractices, needs further consummates.2.Coach's team of southern high-level volleyball university team of our country is younger, the academic structure is not complete enough, the chance for train is little, and majorities are part-time coaches.3.The southern ordinary higher learning schools of our country all run the team independently, the funds are very deficient, and the source is monotonous. Athletes have fewer subsidies.4.The length of schooling of the southern high-level athletes of ordinary higher learning school of our country is not flexible, lack flexibility, the contradiction of study and train still exists. The school grades management system is imperfect, school grades establishment and school grades standard are insufficient unification.5.The volleyball athletes of ordinary higher learning school of southern university train for about 15 hours every week, there are fewer chances to participate in the contest; athletes can not get abundant exercise. The technique and tactics level is not high. For lacking the corresponding drive mechanism, the training enthusiasm of athletes is deficient. The superiority of university resources has not displayed, other discipline involvement few. Other subjects do not play there important role in training.6.Field facilities are relatively backward, combined with the less scientific technology of training which need further improving. Athlete's restoration, the nutrition, movement damage preventing and controlling and so on has not obtained enough attention. 7.The school leads pay little attention to the construction of the volleyball sports team and care about athletes and the coach scarcely. Sports Team's management needs further consummating.8. Athletes' employment situation is unsatisfactory, mainly employed as coaches. Rely on learned specialty for looking for a job, has relatively loud difficulties. The reason mainly is in school period insufficiently takes to the literacy class study, caused the majority athletes obtained the diploma, did not have the enough knowledge content to look for the work actually.9. The countermeasures of improving high-level volleyball athletes in university are: Strengthen leadership and management, improve the enrollment policy, set up and amplify the incentive mechanism; Improve coach's undergo, increase the input in fund, expand the source channel of the funds; Improve venue facilities, introduce the market mechanism, the ones that run as an experiment in pluralism built team's mode; Find the solution for studies and trains contradiction, increase competition opportunity; Strengthen the input in science and technology, strengthen the cooperation with other specialties, sports universities and colleges and sports R&D institution. Display university multi-disciplinary talented person's scientific research superiority. Display the superiority of university multi-disciplinary resources; enhance the athlete to train, athletics level; make the support system perfect, construct well sports team management; enlarge the ways for work to improve the employment rate.
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