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The Financing Difficulty Of Professional Sports Clubs In China And The Outlet Of ABC Transforming Assets Into Securities

Posted on:2008-01-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X Y ZhengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360218450358Subject:Physical Education and Training
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Stable and sufficient funding support is the important precondition of the development of professional athletic clubs. The wick capacity to obtain profits is the basic feature of professional athletic clubs and the financing difficulty is also obstacle of their development in China. At present, the financing difficulty of professional athletic clubs in China is as follows: the high demands of financing versus low offering; funds mainly from other enterprises as narrow financing channels; risk of investment from taken by enterprise groups as the single financing method; financing by securities ownership as the irrational financing structure. The main constraints of financing of professional athletic clubs include unclear property rights of league matches, imperfect administration structure of corporation, absence of investment environment, and structural limitation of markets. Professional athletic clubs depends mainly on allocation without repay from superior corporations, which is deviation from the optimum financing order of them. Moreover, due to problems of themselves and external constraints, clubs cannot realize internal financing and financing by debt rights and shares.Then because the ordinary financing channels for clubs are not expedited, the urgent solution is to look for novel financing methods. Transforming assets into securities is a novel method of financing and assets disposal, which is also popular in the world and will be a strong prompt for the development of athletic industry. As an external financing method by selling their prospective income rights, it is a solution of financing difficulty. Comparing with other financing methods, it is an ideal one which is practical and successful in overseas clubs.Basing on the survey of financing difficulty of clubs in China, the thesis is to introduce a new model of transforming assets into securities, in order to introduce a new idea for the development of professional athletic clubs in China, to solve the problems of financing of clubs and to promote sound and sustainable development of professional athletic clubs in China.This article mainly embarks from the financing study theory and thesolid service angle, conducts the thorough research to our countryprofessional sports club financing question, has used literatureresearch technique and so on material law, logical analytic method and case study law.
Keywords/Search Tags:professional athletic clubs, financing, transforming assets into securities
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