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A Study On English Learning Motivation Of Junior Middle School Students

Posted on:2010-06-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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It is pointed out in the New English Curriculum that teachers should pay attention to students'affect and attitudes, which refers to the related factors that have influence on students' learning process and learning effects such as interest, motivation, confidence, purpose, and cooperating spirit. The key element that leads to English learning success is to keep positive learning attitudes. Teachers should motivate and strengthen student's learning interest, and guide them turn learning interest into steady learning motivation gradually, help them to build up confidence and the volition to conquer difficulties. The English teaching practice prove that teaching is both a cognitive process and an emotional process. English teaching process is not only concerning about learning environment, students' self language learning ability, teachers' teaching style and teaching level, but also involving learners' self emotion factors. And in the factors mentioned, learning motivation is a very important part.The research aims at answering the following questions: What types of motivation do the third year middle school students have What is the relationship between the motivation types and English learning effect And within the motivation itself, how do those subcomponents influence the English learning process Which factors have the most influence on the learning effect How to stimulate students'learning motivationThis thesis adopted qualitative research method , took 70 third-year junior middle school students as the research objects, and analyzed the relationship of their learning motivation and learning proficiency .The research result indicated that among the different kinds of learning motivations,th e frequency of instrument motivation such as "the hope of parents and teachers, the pressure of test" is high. In contrast, the frequency of integrate motivation such as "I am interested in English learning ,I am excited in English learning" is relatively low. And learning motivation had significant positive relationship with learning proficiency. We also found that there was distinct difference of integrate and instrument motivation on learning proficiency.The results analysis suggests that learning motivation have great influence on students' learning achievement and the result accords with the findings of some former researches. The author believes that teachers should pay attention to motivating students' learning motivation, and turn students' instrument motivation to integrate motivation.Based on the results of the qualitative research, this dissertation comes up with the suggestions which can?motivate?students?finally.?...
Keywords/Search Tags:learning motivation, learning proficiency, learning effect
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