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An Experimental Study On The Effect Of Learning Motivation Enhancement Strategy On Students' Self-efficacy In PE Learning

Posted on:2019-05-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2417330548471802Subject:Mental health education
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To explore elementary school sports teaching in reinforcement learning motivation strategy of primary school physical education learning self-efficacy,and the relations between and among the influence of sports scores,this research USES the primary school physical education learning motivation scale and primary school physical education learning self-efficacy scale,two questionnaires,in fourth grade 145 students as subjects,subjects were divided into experimental group and the control group,the strengthening measures of the experimental group and control group not adopt measures to strengthen,the experiment time for lesson once a week(40 minutes),last 4 months.Using the above two questionnaires,measurement of the experimental group and the control group sports learning motivation,learning self-efficacy and sports scores,use the test data before and after SPSS 19.0 were analyzed.Data analysis shows the following:1.There are significant differences between the self-efficacy,motivation and performance of students in experimental class.2.There was a significant difference in the measurement before and after each motivation factor in the experimental class,with the most significant difference between confidence strategy and attention strategy.3.Compare the influence of physical education learning self-efficacy of the three factors the hard feeling,sense of control and the ability to sense the before and after the test,the experimental class difference is more significant than that in comparative classes,and efforts are the most significant difference among them.4.In the experimental classes,students in the middle and lower level of sports performance,efforts are the most significant difference measured before and after,result in the upper levels of the students,ability of feeling and sense of control is the most significant difference before and after the test.There was no significant difference between the control class and the experimental class.5.Attention strategy and self-efficacy were significantly correlated,and self-efficacy control was significantly correlated with motivation strategy.The conclusions of this study are as follows:1.The implementation of the reinforcement strategy of learning motivation is conducive to enhancing students' sense of self-efficacy,motivation and performance in physical education learning.2.The implementation of the reinforcement learning motivation strategy of sports scores below students sense of self-efficacy to effect is more apparent,for sports scores level students sense of self-efficacy ability and control effect is more apparent.3.Different reinforcement strategies of learning motivation have different effects on primary school students' sense of self-efficacy in sports learning.Among them,attention strategy plays an important role in improving pupils' sense of self-efficacy.
Keywords/Search Tags:learning motivation, self-efficacy, primary schoolchild, physical education
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