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Design Of Wireless-based Smart Home Network

Posted on:2006-12-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S L ZhongFull Text:PDF
GTID:2168360155969837Subject:Optical Engineering
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As electronic technologies are used more broadly in true-life nowadays, along with pursuance towards better living surrounding, smart home network tends to become prevalence. Under the impulse of this trend, the technology of smart home network is being developed gradually. We believe that wireless-based node access will become prevalence in recent period.Being the base to carry out the functions and run the network of smart home network system, the structure and run protocol of smart home network play an important protective role on the stability, efficiency and expansibility of the system functions.Meanwhile, because of the differences on functions and characteristics compared with other equipments, the video-supervising device which is the one of the main components of smart home network has distinct need on the design of hardware and software.Based on these before-mentioned points of view, this article makes a set of scheme to implement the wireless-based smart home network system. This scheme shows the design of the functions of smart home network, such as easy lay-wires, loose coupling mechanism, plug and play etc. And in order to meet the need of the wireless video device in the system, the wireless video transmit device that is based on double CPU double RAM and high speed RF chip hardware is proposed and accomplished.This article has 5 parts in total. The Introduction Part introduced the development and current status of smart home system and shows the significance of this article; the System Structure Part describes the design of the whole structure of the smart home system; the Network Protocol Part introduced the run protocol of inner network and related process; the Wireless Video Transmit Part describes the design of hardware and software based on the double CPU wireless transmit board; the Last Part focuses on the full implement of the entire system.
Keywords/Search Tags:home network protocol, plug and play, double CPU, double RAM, Wireless Video
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