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Virtual Comfort - Print Creation And Personal Experience

Posted on:2016-04-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Personally speaking, contemporary print art significantly adds a brush of amazing to the realm of art and opens up a new interpretation of arts for later generations. It marks the establishment of another transcendent benchmark in art history. At present time, contemporary art is growing rigorously, and print art is the new form of art for those who strive to get over tradition and pursue innovation. Therefore, we need to develop the broad artistic expression of copper etching and strengthen its artistic appeal. The artistic expression of copper etching lies in,not the stacking of simple techniques, but the usage of various techniques to present rich effects.For me, macroscopically speaking, print-making is acquired to fully display its possibilities to express our thoughts of society, history and life, rather than expressing the changing ideas resulted from the changing outside world. During print-making, there will be ponders, if with no answers coming out, then we shall go to practical creation and ponders will suddenly be enlightened. We shall start from our practices if we cannot change the outside. The goal we shall practice-apply and research-improve is to know the expression features of different techniques and fully develop those features.My experience is to create artworks with a beginner’s heart, to courageously show one’s real thoughts and to blend the creator’s unique aesthetic appreciation and deep feelings into print artworks, and try to let it best restore true emotions.
Keywords/Search Tags:Contemporary print art, Copper etching technique, Practical creation, True emotions
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