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Aesthetic Implication Of Marrakech 's Novels

Posted on:2017-02-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Ma La Qin Fu as Chinese contemporary literature history of the famous Mongolian writer, is known as the Chinese contemporary literature prairie pioneers, in his works has a strong ethnic color and open, straightforward style of grassland. Most of his literary works is closely related to grassland, and also reflects the Mongolian cultural life and national features. So the Mongolian traditional culture deeply affected his creation. In addition, in the process of his creation by means of subject choice and the character image mold, as well as in the era of big national identity and national consciousness to reflect his national position. As a member of the Mongolian nationality, has a unique life experience and literary creation, he in his works by a beautiful description of grassland amorous feelings, the creation of broad vision and the expression of the national feelings of heroes, reflects his unique aesthetic pursuit.Ecological beauty in Ma La Qin Fu works not only show the harmonious relation between human and nature, but also perform Ma La Qin Fu expression of life ideal for the construction of harmonious society and the embodiment of the ecological relationship of the national culture in the novel. Novel person and natural harmony mainly from the aspects of Mongolian ecological concept, this paper mainly for Mongolian herders love prairie, and in harmony with nature. Because of grassland industry development at the same time bring the destruction of ecological environment, so he call people to protect and respect the natural environment of the prairie. Because of the founding of new China, to realize the national equality and unity. Brings new life to the people of Inner Mongolia, so as a national minority writer, his works the theme has been eulogized reunification of the motherland and national unity. So he looked forward to the construction of a harmonious social life. But also promote the development of the Mongolian and the relationship between the han and Tibetan culture and mutual infiltration, so that the people of all ethnic groups of solidarity, stability and harmony.Grand beauty is Ma La Qin Fu literary works in the beauty of form. This chapter mainly from the grassland nature, as the content for the construction of a spiritual home, to justice, truth, the home countries’ interests as the value goal of heroic feelings expression, and it is force to overcome all difficulties to discuss spirit pursuit. First of all, the spiritual home of grassland building from the aspects of description of grassland natural scenery magnificent beauty to discuss, embodies the national character of masculinity in side and heroic spirit, also reflects the Ma La Qin Fu unique aesthetic psychology. At the same time in the seventeen years literature history of new China, Ma La Qin Fu created a batch of adhere to justice, truth, the home countries the interests of the heroes, such as: "the motherland, mother!" Bart in you and in the first light of the feelings you Sha Na has a noble hero. In addition, as a national minority writer Ma La Qin Fu, he has a positive attitude to overcome difficulties. When he was young life poverty or later the hard situation, took part in the revolution hasn’t stopped for literary study until he later on the path of creation, he in order to achieve the ideal and not afraid of the hardships of life, embodies the spirit of his mettle and grandeur of the sublime beauty of personality.Epic is Ma La Qin Fu creative pursuit of another kind of aesthetic value, embodies the epic of the Mongolian traditional literary characteristics. This chapter mainly from Ma La Qin Fu novel of epic characteristics and the grand narrative of novel and the characters in the novel the idealized three aspects. First of the novel’s epic characteristics from the origin, development and research status of epic and the influence of Mongolian epic of Ma La Qin Fu novel creation to discuss. Second, in the process of his narrative to the grand of the theme and grand prairie scenery, and life scenes of war to narrative, adopt realistic technique to make the characters and the story better to reflect the grand narrative of the novel. Finally, the shape of the characters in his novels idealized main Shou Shou Mongolian traditional hero of history and the influence of "seventeen years" period in China’s historical background, the influence of him shaping the characters in the novel not only love the country and their nationality, but also sing praise new things and new life, manifested in his works clearly.
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