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On China 's Criminal Summary Procedure

Posted on:2015-06-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2176330431956659Subject:Procedural Law
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Compared with the ordinary procedure, criminal summary procedure is a specialprocedure was simplified in the program.Application of criminal summary procedure isto coordinate the contradiction between the balance of justice and efficiency, so as tomake better use of limited judicial resources, to protect the defendant’s litigation rights.In the reform of China’s criminal litigation, summary procedure has been a hot issue inreform. By March14,2012the National People’s Congress "on Revising the" CriminalProcedure Law of the people’s Republic of China> decision ", make a major reform ofthe criminal summary procedure in our country. The justice value and efficiency value,to improve the system of criminal summary procedure in our country, has played apositive and progressive significance. However, from the legislative and judicial level,criminal summary procedure of our country still has all sorts of problems, the system isfar from perfect, some important criminal summary procedure such as the order ofpunishment procedure, plea bargaining procedure has not been set up, in the aspects ofprogram design and the protection of human rights still exist defects. With the increasein criminal cases and cases of various prominent, reference to the relevant nationallegislation and practice experience, build a wide range of criminal summary procedure,improve the supporting measures of summary procedure has become the developingtrend.
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