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A Study On The Criminal Summary Procedure

Posted on:2018-02-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In recent years,China’s criminal cases,the court handling the case number increased,leading to the judges working pressure,some of the cases in the trial period can not be solved effectively in.2012 People’s Republic of China criminal procedure law(hereinafter referred to as the " Criminal Procedure Law " Revised),made adjustments to the criminal summary procedure,a simple expansion the scope of application,to a certain extent,improve the efficiency of lawsuit.But the criminal summary procedure of our country still exists problems and shortcomings,based on this premise,based on the simplified criminal procedure in our country were introduced under the criminal summary procedure of our country is analyzed,and a correction method is proposed some of the problems,hope for the development of the criminal summary procedure of China put forward constructive suggestions.There are five parts in this paper: the first part,the summary procedure for the preliminary,at home and abroad through the criminal summary procedure of different definitions,the author thinks that the definition of the concept of perfection of criminal summary procedure in China.The value pursuit is a simple procedure to carry on the analysis,the summary procedure in the emphasis on efficiency.Justice is the ultimate goal.And the analysis of the development process of the criminal summary procedure of China.The second part,the status of our country in the form of summary procedure is analyzed,and then found the existing problems,inadequate protection of the rights of the accused,the problems such as the scope of application is not perfect,in order to solve the problems.Put forward valuable opinion.The third part,through to the United States,Britain,Italy,Japan,Germany and other countries of the introduction and analysis of the criminal summary procedure,found that the foreign criminal summary of the advantage,then in my The legal construction of our country in absorbing.Finally,suggestions on the criminal summary procedure in China.Through our advantages of our criminal summary procedure and the analysis of the foreign criminal summary procedure,put forward the suggestion of perfecting the criminal summary procedure of our country.
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