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The Perfection Of Police Court Testimony System

Posted on:2015-03-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Evidence becomes the point of criminal suit because of the development of theoretical study of criminal proceedings and criminal justice system.Police tesify is a problem that academics and practitioners concern for a long time.It is a common sense that a policeman or a policewoman must testify and accept question from prosecution and defense in cort in most countries.Before revising our Criminal Procedure Law,we have already trid to ask policemen to testify in court,but we don’t form a system about it.So police no testify became a bad feature of our practice of criminal suit.This feature bothers academics and practitioners,even makes a bad influence on the field of criminal justice.Especially more and more reports on torture that makes everyone concentrates on illegal evidence exclusion system and police testify system.Accroding to the experince of other countries,police testify is a trend that we cannot avoid.After revising our Criminal Procedure Law,we have better articles to manage the production of witness.And also we have our own articles about police testify at first time.Police testify is the key process of completing the production of witness.It helps to find the truth,reduce the truth,and also helps to raise enthusiasm of all aticipations of the suit.It makes the procedure looks justice,and helps to restrict policemen not to misbehave to protect the justice of substant.One of flash points of the new version of our Criminal Procedure Law is establishing the miniature of police testify system.It does’nt come out as a legal interpretation,but a law article.This system is new to us,and we have little experience about the practice of police testifying.So we do have much room for improvement.This paper will discuss about some problems in our new-established system,and try to find the solutions to solve all of them.
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