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Endogenous Development, Derivative Development, Leapfrog Development

Posted on:2015-01-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2176330431998432Subject:Marxist theory
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Development is the enduring topic of human society. People always ask thepossibility of social development and its realization path. With regard to the mode ofsocial development, thinkers of each dynasty all have conducted valuable thinkingunder their own specific historical circumstances. Based on the dialectical materialismand historical materialism, Marx both absorbs and critical the thoughts of formerthinkers, synthesizing the developing reason, structure and its possibility into his ownthoughts. In the new period, when reformation is comprehensively deepened,therefore clarifying the epistemological thought, interpreting the doctrine of Marx’ssocial development mode, both help to further expand the research space of Marx’ssocial development theory and help to choose the reality the reality of socialdevelopment path.Starting from the classic texts of Marx, this study unites the research methods ofhistorical and logical, also unites the theoretical methods and practical methods,comprehensively interpret the thought and its significance of Marx’s socialdevelopment mode. This paper is divided into three chapters besides instruction andconclusion. The first chapter is about the overview of Marx’s social developmentmode, which defines the endogenous type development, the derived type developmentand leapfrogs type development, reveals the beginning, direct source and theoreticalprinciples of Marx’s social development mode. The second chapter is about thespecific ways and their dialectical relationship of Marx’s social development mode,which expounds the characteristics and mission of the endogenous development, theconditions and occurrence of the derived development, the conditions and rationalcore of the leapfrog development. The third chapter is about the modern revelation ofMarx’s social development mode which has three aspect, the first is constantlyimprove the ability of independent innovation, the second is comprehensivelypromote the reform and opening polices, the third is working hard to grasp theopportunity which holding the advantages of backwardness.The innovation lies in three points. Firstly, this article traces back to the initial ofMarx’s social development mode which based on the analysis of the ancient original philosophy and social contract theory. Secondly, this article comprehensivelyexpounds the potential meaning of theory by the way of clarifying Marx’s socialdevelopment mode. Thirdly, this article increases practical meaning of Marx’s socialdevelopment mode by reinterpreting Marx’s social leapfrog development.
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