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On The Mechanism Of Positive Interaction Between Media Supervision And Judicial Justice

Posted on:2016-06-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Contemporary society, the media of information transmission and expression to a great extent, play the role of the media supervision. That if the media do not pay attention to in the process of supervision and the assurance of "degree", the media occurs unfair supervision over judicial supremacy, moreover affects the independence of the judicial organs to exercise jurisdiction, the final destruction of justice judicial order. In recent years, due to the rapid development of media technology, new media forms and platform emerging media supervision and the negative influence of concern, although the media supervision and judicial. activities are the real pursuit of fairness and justice, and respectively is constitutional judicial power or an extension of the right to freedom of expression, but the conflict and confrontation between the two is on the ris. The good news is that the media supervision and judicial activities are based on "justice" as its own value, the contradiction between the two can be compatible with coordination. Based on the principle of judicial public, the media shall exercise supervision over the judicial activity, but cannot affect the independence of the judicial order. Finally how to realize the benign interaction of media supervision and judicial activities, has become one important subject in the construction of the rule of law.
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