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A Study On Marriage Custom Law Of Buyi People

Posted on:2016-06-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The laws is the regulations, which is drawn up and approved by the state legislature, and carried out by the force. As to the legislative techniques, the lex scripta possesses the attributes of norm and coerce, which is the common natures of law. But the lex scripta has the feature of the A poor operation law and the lack of specific. The customary law Plays a supplementary role in the minority nationality regions. In view of the advantages of the customary law of marriage, The author chooses a typical Buyi Village as the investigation object to research on the he customary law of marriage. By revealing the conflict between the modern marriage and Buyi traditional marriage, the author tries to disposing of the conflict hereof, in the judicial application of them. The paper includes four parts, the first part of which presents the fundamental state of the investigation object, and the second of which analyses the questions in this survey, and the third part of which reveals the conflict between the modern marriage and Buyi traditional marriage in the judicial application of them and analyze a cause of them, the last part of which is to adjust the conflicts between the modern marriage and Buyi traditional marriage. The object of the paper is to call attentions of the state legislature and the judicial authority to the customary law of marriage in the minority nationality regions, to suspect the ethnic of the Buyi traditional marriage. In the final, the author puts forward to the views on how to construct a beneficial interaction and got development hereof.
Keywords/Search Tags:Minority marriage, Kazakh marriage customs, State law the judicial conflict
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