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On The Conflict Resolution Strategies Of National Marriage Customs And Marriage Law

Posted on:2017-09-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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A nation is a social body formed in the history of the common language and common customs.In our country,there are 56 ethnic groups in our country.In addition to the Han nationality,there are a large number of people and a large area.The other 55 ethnic groups belong to the minority nationality.In different ethnic groups will be different marriage customs,these customs become a habit in the local.Stalin said: "the number of every nation,regardless of population,regardless of the size of the area,has its own order of life and living habits,these are the other male nation does not have,for example in our country in the Miao region in marriage customary law in specific provisions" the security of their home,their "means the Hmong people used in the process of living a quiet and peaceful life.But in eastern Guizhou Miao area because of its geographical location is more remote,the traditional marriage law is not susceptible to outside interference and change,but the Qiannan area in the Miao marriage law and Guizhou Miao are very different,this article aims at the conflict of the marriage customs and marriage law of our country to carry on the analysis,it can be taken for the solution strategy.The work done in this paper is as follows:(1)analyzes the conflict between ethnic marriage customs and marriage law,and from the two aspects of criminal and civil conflict,which in common civil registration and marriage,they get married;typically the criminal conflict in crime of trafficking in women and children,wandering and rape and marriage and bigamy and other grades different ways of punishment.(2)and mixed strategies to solve the conflict with national marriage customs: increase Miao village construction funds investment,in line with the development of Miao nationality characteristic legal integration,customs and laws by village regulations,trial running reasonable discretion and to strengthen the publicity of legal system.The whole research can provide the reference for the marriage of Miao area and folk custom of the marriage law of our country and promote the integration of fusion,the marriage customs of the ethnic minority areas and the legal system of our country,to realize the protection of various ethnic groups and regions people marriage.
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