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Research And Simulation Of Routing Protocols Based On QoS Guarantee Mechanisms In Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Posted on:2008-09-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y Y ZhuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360215973942Subject:Computer application technology
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A mobile ad hoc network is a multi-hop temporary autonomous system of mobile nodes equipped with wireless transceivers and receivers. As a special wireless network without any fixed network infrastructure, it has extensive application prospect in military and civilian field. It has been a research focus in current network research.With the prevalence of multimedia application, it has gradually become an important research field top provide QoS in mobile ad hoc networks. However, mobile ad hoc networks have a lot of characteristics such as multi-hop, limited bandwidth resource and dynamic network topology. This thesis is the extensive research on how top provide routing protocols with QoS guarantee in mobile ad hoc networks by referring to current relevant research contributions.On the one hand,according to the features and application demands of ad hoc network, the thesis proposes a QoS routing protocol PSFQRP based on comprehensive concern about path stability. The QoS routing protocol can enhance path stability of selected path and reduce the probability of link breakage resulting from host mobility because it selects path in terms of path stability. Furthermore, the introduction of a new resource reservation technology, including primary and secondary reservation, further in creases request success ratio of the protocol.On the other hand, Current routing protocols for mobile ad hoc networks mainly adopt traditional single path. However, multi-path can be more suitable for internal demands of QoS routing due to its stability and the ability to increase utilization ratio of network resource. Multi-path routing can provide more feasible and more efficient support for QoS provision in mobile ad hoc networks. The thesis proposes a multi-path QoS routing protocol MPQRP combined with the features of mobile ad hoc networks. Extensive simulation results show that MPQRP can efficiently balance network load, improve the utilization ratio of network resource, and offer reliable and efficient transmission performance for mobile ad hoc networks.
Keywords/Search Tags:Mobile Ad Hoc Networks, Routing Protocal, QoS, PSF
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