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Design Of Embedded Synchronous Control System Based On FPGA

Posted on:2011-02-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W T LiaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360305461335Subject:Electrical theory and new technology
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With the fast development of semiconductor technology, it's possible to design an embedded system based on FPGA. Recent years, embedded technology system which takes application as center has developed, its characteristic is flexible, auto and fast which can be applied in real-time and multitasking instance. As one of the important equipment the synchronous control system controls electromagnetic propulsion device. The reliability and synchronous degree of synchronous control system greatly influence the effect of the device.After studying the technology of electromagnetic propulsion, combining the presently rising EDA technology and the trait of large programmable logic device, this paper puts forward a project of designing the embedded synchronous control system based on FPGA. The paper illuminates the points and the domestic & overseas actuality of electromagnetic propulsion technology, gives the analysis of propulsion principle of synchronous induction coil, discusses different synchronous control projects and brings up a simplified one. The functional partition of software/hardware is discussed, the whole system is partitioned into hard-real time part and NiosⅡsystem, the synchronous control unit belongs to hard-real time part, and Nios II settles low real time task likes communication and alternation of man and machine etc. Hard-real time part namely programmable logic units, applys the Top-Down designing method, gives the design and simulation result of the important modules. The NiosⅡsystem is built by SOPC Builder. Then designs the correlative interface to form hard-real time part and NiosⅡsystem as a coherent whole, and finish the whole system. At the end, the function of synchronous control and measurement of velocity is verified, and the correlative measures of reliability design are also discussed.Both theoretical analysis and experimental study show that the synchronous control system designed in this paper has good practicability and expansibility, and can increase the capability of electromagnetic propulsion device.
Keywords/Search Tags:electromagnetic propulsion, synchronous control, FPGA, NiosⅡ
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