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The Research On The New Basel Capital Accord And The Risk Management System Engineering Of The Commercial Banks Of China

Posted on:2006-11-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L N YuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2179360182455089Subject:International Trade
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With China's entering into WTO has been more than three years, China's banking will enter international financial market in an all-round way, and must obey "game rules" of international banking on operations according to the supervisory principles and means of the New Basel Capital Accord universally acknowledged as sacred treaty. But four stated-owned commercial banks as the dominant force of China's banking are facing difficulties of risk identify, limit method of risk balance, never carrying on risk supervisory and risk control. which are far from the requirements of the New Capital Accord and bring about many financial risks and threat the safety of China's finance. Therefore, the dissertation tries to engineer the risk management system of commercial bank with China's stated-owned banks' characteristics according to New Capital Accord.An introduction of content and influence on business banks management, also the history of the Capital Accord in 1988 are given in the first chapter. Then the chapter put forward the topic ---- Enter Prise Wide Risk Management(ERM)。 At last, the chapter illuminates the impact on international banking, especially in developing country and china.The second chapter analyzes the credit risk, marketing risk and operating risk, according to ways of risk management: risk identify, risk balance, risk supervisory and risk control.The third chapter expounds the situation of china's banking risk management and it also accords the way of second chapter. From them, the dissertation gets the issues: there are the difficulties of risk acknowledge, risk methods, risk mechanism and risk system in china's commercial banking management, comparing to The New Basel Accord.Finally, the dissertation puts forward the methods in improving china's banking risk management. How to engineer risk acknowledge, risk methods, risk mechanism and risk system are told in detail in the fourth chapter.
Keywords/Search Tags:Risk identify, Risk balance, Risk supervision, Risk control, Enter Prise Wide Risk Management
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