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Analysis Of The Process And Performance Of Knowledge Creation In NPD

Posted on:2007-03-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z H HanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2179360185459697Subject:Business management
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Society has entered the age of knowledge economy, and knowledge has become the most valuable assets and the first factor of enterprises instead of land, labor and money. The knowledge economy needs knowledge management that is the subject and the necessary strategic choice of new economic environment.Knowledge is dynamic and alive. The most key content of knowledge management is to continuously create knowledge. As the important part of knowledge management, by building up the core competence and making it sure to persistently develop, knowledge creation becomes the important way to win. The new product development is regarded as typical knowledge intensive activity. Creating new knowledge and new opinions are the basic contents of the new product development.The present study conditions about knowledge creation are as follows: the study on how to combine the new product development with the knowledge creation is not enough; the study on the relativity of the organization environment and knowledge creation is short of data supporting and quantitative analysis; the study on the index system of knowledge creation performance is almost blank.The article firstly explains the knowledge creation process in the new product development through introducing the concept of knowledge value chain, and secondly it analyzes the relativity of organization environment and knowledge creation by virtue of structural equation model; lastly it tries to propose the index system of knowledge creation performance and makes evaluation of performance by using the method of fuzzy comprehensive evaluation.Through above study, the article provides the new management thoughts for the product development of the enterprises, which makes the enterprises form the NPD organization environment in favor of knowledge creation and improves the efficiency of knowledge creation and application, and shortens the NPD cycle, and lowers NPD costs, and improves NPD quality, and promotes the technological and knowledge innovation.
Keywords/Search Tags:knowledge creation, new product development, knowledge management, SEM, LISREL, knowledge creation performance
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