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Study On The Geological And Geochemical Characteristics Of Dafakuan Nickel Molybdenum Deposit, Malong County Of Yunnan Province

Posted on:2016-03-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X B JiaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2180330461995805Subject:Institute of Geochemistry
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As a branch of the Cambrian nonferrous-rock deposit in Southern China, Malongdafa Mo-Ni deposit behaves so high grade and large width that both Mo and Ni can be prospected from the Cambrian nonferrous-rock deposit. Due to the scarcity in all over the world, more and more technicians including geologists、geochemists、gitologists and geographers have been studying the genetics of Malongdafa Mo-Ni deposit. However, because of the metallogenic multiformity、integrity and complexity, the opions of the technicians from different subjects are so sharply divided that the definition for the genetics of the deposit should be further studied.In this study, the main work has been done as 3-km-1:1000 geology section,150-m3 trenching and stripping soil、2600-m drilling、114-piece analysis of chemical sample(Mo、Ni)、10-piece image analysis and 20-piece polished thin section. And the main achievement consists of the following 4 outlines in this study: Firstly, Mo-Ni multi-metal ore body exists in qiongzhusi epoch nonferrous shale, and Carbonaceous siltstones, behaving as bedded layer, and including some weak alteration in the wall rock like Pyritization and Calcitization. The ore minerals consist of Sulfur molybdenum、sulfide nickel and needle nickel, while the Gangue minerals include calcite、quartz and others. The 333-sort capacities of Mo、Ni are differentiate as 2460 and 4500 tons. Secondly, the concentration of Zn in ore is so high up to its industrial grade that it can be studied as metallogenic element. The complex relationship between Zn and Mo、Ni shows Zn has different origin. Thirdly, the study of major elements、trace elements and REE proves that the genetics of Mo-Ni deposit is diversity. Finally, Malongdafa Mo-Ni deposit belongs to reducing environments based submarine hydrothermal SEDEX deposits.
Keywords/Search Tags:nonferrous-rock, Mo-Ni deposit, geological characteristic, geochemical characteristic, genetics of deposit
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