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Exploration Model Of Geology And Geochemistry On Dongyuan Tungsten And Molybdenum Deposit In Anhui Province, China

Posted on:2016-09-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2180330461995809Subject:Institute of Geochemistry
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Dongyuan tungsten and molybdenum deposit is located in Qimen, southern ofAnhui Province, whose reservation was proved by Anhui 332 geological team in 2009.This paper aims to summarize the geological characteristics of Dongyuan W-Modeposit, combined with geochemical anomaly characteristics of elements to establishgeological and geochemical exploration model, in order to provide new ideas anddirections for further research of tungsten mineralization geological background andmetallogenic regularity, so as to improve the efficiency of prospecting.Through analyze the geochemical data of rocks, altered rocks and streamsediment and geological enviroment in the study area, this paper establishes theDongyuan W-Mo deposit geological and geochemical exploration model, by summingup the characteristics of geology and geochemical elements.Following understandings can be achieved:Dongyuan W-Mo deposit is a large deposit, located in Qimen County, whoseore-body is at exposed state. The stratum was composed by sandstone and phyllitefrom Proterozoic Niuwu. Its mineralization had close relationship with Dongyuangranodiorite, which dated back to 146 Ma ago. The Tungsten body is obvioslycontrolled by faults, had two ore types--fine vein disseminated one and disseminatedone, which also dated back to 146 Ma ago. The ore body had layered and layered-likedshape, partly at lens shape. The main rock alteration was hornfelsic, potassium,sericitization, chloritization.The regional geochemical prospecting indicator elements of Dongyuan W-Modeposit are W、Mo、Mn、Bi、Ag、As、Co、Cr、Ni、Ti、Zr, totally having 11 elements,the abnormal zone of each element is clear, obtain a high degree of coincidence withmine location. W, Bi which has grade 3 abnormity and become the main ore-formingelements, As and AG has grade 2 abnormity and the other elements with grade 1abnomity and become Dongyuan W-Mo deposit important companion components.The prospecting indicator elements of rocks are W、Sn、Mo、Bi、Cu、Zn、As、Co、Li、Sb、V、Sc, whose enrichment coefficient is above 1.4.
Keywords/Search Tags:Dongyuan tungsten and molybdenum deposit, geological characteristics, geochemical anomalies, geological and geochemical exploration model
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