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Based On The Synthesis And Application Of Near Infrared BODIPY Fluorescent Dye

Posted on:2015-08-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J T LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2181330422483440Subject:Chemical Engineering
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Dipyrromethene Boron Difluoride, referred to as BODIPY is one of the widelyused fluorescent dyes. Its chemical structure may be modified easily to obtaining aseries of differently substituted derivatives, which are widely used in ion microprobe,molecular probes, fluorescent marker, analytical chemistry, bioanalytical testing,environmental science and other fields. This paper described the research results ofnow, looked forward to developing direction in the future and application prospect;designed and synthesized BODIPY fluorescent dyes with outstanding performance.Compared with the traditional fluorescent dyes,Boron-dipyrromethene(BODIPY)has more prominent advantages: such as high molar extinction coefficient and fluores-cence quantum yield, high stablility of spectral properties, narrow fluorescence spectr-oscopy peak and high light stability. Owing to these specific characteristics,studies onBODIPY derivatives have been widely reported in recent years. Introducing differentactive group to the BODIPY core, we can obtain different substituted fluorescent dyes.So in this dissertation, we focus on synthesizing absorption and emission in the nearinfrared region, and has a large Stokes shift of BODIPY fluorescent dyes.The major aspects of this study are as follows:The first chapter:the author summarizes the factors that affect the fluorescence,fluorescence mechanism and condition,and the kinds of fluorescent dyes. Focus is onBODIPY fluorescent dyes, narrativing its outstanding advantage in different areas ofapplication and outlooking its direction in the future.The second chapter: the author devoted to synthesizing in near infrared and haslarge Stokes shift of fluorescent dyes.Therefore, the author designed two differentmethods to synthesizing pyrrole derivatives. In order to synthesizing BODIPY matrixstructure,the author used it as raw material complexed with aldehyde. To obtainingdye7, derivatized functional group in the matrix structure, knoevenagel condensationoccurs in the parent structure of1,3,5,7bit with8molecules of formaldehyde,. Withthe increase of dye7conjugated system, the absorption and emission will occur redshift. Then the author carried out testing related properties and structure characterizat-ion. The third chapter: author used a method similar with the second chapter tosynthesizing the matrix structure of BODIPY fluorescent dye.So that synthesis ofBODIPY fluorescence with the specified optical properties dyes, the author modifiedits8bits for reacting with pyridine which was a substitution reaction.After thedevelopment of its application in terms of pH probes.Then the author carried outtesting related properties and structure characterization.
Keywords/Search Tags:BODIPY, Fluorescent dye, Fluorescent probe, Stokes shift
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