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Research On Technology Diffusion System Of Nation Hi-Tech Industry Development Zone

Posted on:2011-12-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L TianFull Text:PDF
GTID:2189330338480569Subject:International Trade
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Technology diffusion can effectively promote the optimal allocation of resources, and use the existing technical resources to the greatest extent in order to improve the overall level of technology and enhance the core competitiveness of the cluster. In fact, there are only a few large enterprises in a cluster internal that have ability to conduct the technical innovation. Other enterprises are obtained new technology through technology diffusion system, so as to improve the level of technology and economy benefit. The research of cluster internal technology diffusion will help find effective ways to promote the whole technical level of cluster with the purpose of formulating relevant policies to boost their technology progress. Hi-tech industry development zone, as a special industrial cluster, has its special operation model and technical basis, therefore, it is an important theoretical and practical proposition through studying the hi-tech technology diffusion which could promote the development of regional economy,Based on the technology diffusion theory, this paper, taking the high-tech zones as the research object, analyze the elements of this system, characteristics and mechanisms. Then it studies the influencing factors and functions of hi-tech technology diffusion from the macroscopic and microscopic view.In addition, as the hi-tech technology diffusion systems affected by subject's own interests, the process of diffusion will be impacted by driving forces and blocks. So based on the analysis of the driving force and blocks, this paper proposes the methods of technology diffusion and analyzes the Agglomeration effects and technological progress effects. At last, taking the high-tech Industrial Development Zone of Tianjin as the research object, the paper analyzes the way of technology diffusion, diffusion intensity and diffusion effects through using means of system analysis and statistical analysis, evaluates the effect of technology diffusion and proposes the corresponding strategy.
Keywords/Search Tags:technology diffusion, the national high-tech industrial development zone, technology diffusion strength, technology diffusion effect
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