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Study On Small And Medium-sized Enterprises Credit Guarantees In China

Posted on:2008-12-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have become an important constituent ofnational economy. It plays an important role in creating employment post, increasing staterevenue, giving an impetus to technology innovation, export promotion as well as maintainingthe economic vitality. However, small and medium-sized enterprises development has manylimiting factors, finances problem in particular difficultly. Under this background, the small andmedium-sized enterprises credit guarantee arises at the historic moment. Through the creditguarantee organization (CGO) introduction, it may promote the small and medium-sizedenterprises credit rank, and share the credit risk, and make up its mortgage goods insufficiencyand so on. The overseas economists consider generally the credit guarantee is the most effectivetool in the small and medium-sized enterprises policies which governments provides both inoperation area and utility area.Practice has proved that, on Chinese lending market, the joining of credit guaranteeorganizations can alleviate the financing difficulty of SMEs to a certain extent. But Chinesecredit guarantee system still needs to be improved further. And because Chinese CGOs havemany problems concerning operation mode, capital source and losses share, risks control andoutside environment since the earlier design stage, they are undertaking an enormous guaranteeloss risk, and their operation efficiency is generally low. In a word, they are far from meeting thefinancing demands of SMEs.Therefore, this thesis thoroughly analyzes small and medium-sized enterprises creditguarantee system present situation and problems in our country, and summaries small andmedium-sized enterprises credit guarantee in the world main successful experience, thenstructures an new "A main fact with two complements" mode in our country. It will dredge thesmall and medium-sized enterprises financing channel, and promote the small and medium-sizedenterprises development, and enrich our country credit guarantee.
Keywords/Search Tags:Small and Medium-sided Enterprises, Credit guarantee, Credit Guarantee System, Credit Guarantee Institution
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