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Research Of The Issues Of Cooperative Technological Innovation Of Small And Medium Sized Enterprises Under Game Theory

Posted on:2008-11-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2189360215970906Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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Small and medium sized enterprises, that occupy more than 99% of the total number of nation enterprise in China, are getting the irreplaceable positive roles in guaranteeing the moderate increase of national economy, promoting the technological innovation, alleviating the employment pressure and so on. In recent years, the issues of small and medium sized enterprises have gained unprecedented attention. By now, the issues of how to improve the innovation ability of small and medium sized enterprises through cooperate, to accelerate the enterprises durative development, has been the goal and hotspot of the enterprise academe. This paper uses game theory to study the cooperative technological innovation of small and medium sized enterprises, and discuss the cooperative partner selection and profit distribution. The paper breaks to three parts to analyze.The first part is the former two chapters. It is the elements of this paper. Present the background, method firstly, and recapitulate the inland and overseas' actuality of the cooperative technological innovation of small and medium sized enterprises, then, explain the academic elements, that is, cooperative technological innovation and game theory.The second part includes three chapters, the third, fourth and fifth. This part is the core of the paper. It presents the actuality of small and medium sized enterprises and innovation, then, we can know that, the small and medium sized enterprises need cooperative technological innovation to realize durative development, to improve the capability, and can achieve advantage mutually complement, and resource share. Afterward, we apply the SWOT theory to analyze the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of small and medium sized enterprises' cooperation technological innovation, and construct the SWOT matrix. Then, Base on early or late, the paper break up the small and medium sized enterprises cooperation technological innovation process into several stages as follows: cooperation demand, cooperation decision, cooperative partner selection, cooperative technological innovation's model selection, cooperative profit distribution, cooperative learning. And then, base on the questionnaire and field survey, we can confirm two key processes: cooperative partner selection, cooperative profit distribution. After establishing the 5C standard (capability, contribution, complement, compatibility, credit), we apply the three phase model to analyze the process of cooperative partner selection, and the signaling theory to analyze the best partner selection. For the problem of cooperative profit distribution, base on the elements that the cooperative participators' competence of bringing increment, we apply the Shapley Value of the Cooperative Game Theory, and the Shapley Formula to calculate the profit of the cooperative participators. What's more, the paper gives some cases to analyze the two key processes.The third part of the paper is the sixth chapter, it is the tag. At this eventual part, it presents the main conclusion of this paper, and the expectation that we can study farther henceforth.
Keywords/Search Tags:small and medium sized enterprises, cooperative partner selection, cooperative profit distribution, Game Theory, SWOT analysis
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