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The Feasibility Study And Proposals On Financial Support From Policies To Solve Financing Difficulties Facing Small And Medium-Sized Enterprises In Shanghai

Posted on:2008-02-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Small and Medium-Sized enterprises are playing an important role in building up Shanghai as a metropolitan city in the world. However, this process is seriously checked by financial difficulties. Financing policy applies to both macro level equal injustice, the external environment causes, but also the development of Small and Medium-Sized enterprises, micro-level. If the property is not clear, not sound financial management, lack of information and personnel, and so on. To demand funding Small and Medium-Sized enterprises exist "Macmillan Gap".In recent years, although in financial support, credit support, broaden direct financing channels, such as the creation of Small and Medium-Sized enterprises credit guarantee system has taken active measures. However, the financing of Small and Medium-Sized enterprises did not effectively alleviate the difficult issues.By analyzing the causes and referring to the advanced experience from developed countries, we come to conclusion that there is feasibility on financial support from state policies to solve the difficulties of fund-raising facing to Small and Medium-Sized enterprises in Shanghai. There are some practical proposals for reference such as setting up institutions at centralizing all funds and perfecting credit insurance system. We believe that Small and Medium-Sized enterprises in Shanghai will have a brilliant future.
Keywords/Search Tags:Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in Shanghai, Fund, Comparison between American SMEs and Japanese SMEs, Financial Support from Policies
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