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Study On The Implementation Of Supporting Policies For Small And Medium-sized Enterprises In Quanzhou

Posted on:2020-10-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2439330590463496Subject:Public Administration
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The report of the Nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China declared that " deepening the reform of the scientific and technological system,establishing a market-oriented technological innovation system with enterprises as the main body,and with deep integration of production,education and research,strengthening the support for innovation of small and medium-sized enterprises,and promoting the transformation of scientific and technological achievements." Whether in developing countries or developed countries,SMEs play a vital role in promoting economic development,pushing technological innovation,increasing employment opportunities and maintaining social stability.Quanzhou city,as one of the prefecture-level cities in Fujian Province,has the most intensive development of SMEs,especially in the private economy.Over the years,the Quanzhou Municipal Government has attached great importance to the development of SMEs,and has always been committed to developing private economy By implementing a series of preferential policies,which has continuously improved the internal and external environment,and promoted the regional economy to maintain a steady and sound development trend.Therefore Quanzhou city's GDP ranks first for 18 consecutive years,and it's industrial added value ranks first for 25 consecutive years in Fujian.This dazzling achievement is inseparable from the economic support of numerous local small and medium-sized enterprises.However,limited by the size and financial strength of small and medium-sized enterprises,coupled with the impact of the financial crisis,SMEs are under the constraints of internal and external environmental factors,the development of stamina is insufficient,and corporate economic growth is slow.Therefore,how to create a good business and policy environment for the development of enterprises,so as to help enterprises overcome the difficulties on the road of growth,to develop and grow',has become an urgent subject for in-depth study.This paper mainly takes the support policy and implementation of SMEs in Quanzhou as the research object,combs and studies the support policy of SMEs in Quanzhou.With the help of questionnaire,this paper uses literature analysis,questionnaire survey,statistical analysis and other methods to analyze the status of the implementation of support policy of small and medium-sized enterprises in Quanzhou.By using Smith model from the four dimensions,the policy itself,target group,executing subject and policy environment,this paper puts forward such problems as imperfect support policy,insufficient understanding of support policy for enterprises,imperfect internal system of executing agencies,and imperfect policy environment to be improved.It also makes an analysis of the causes of these problems,and studies the ways and means to improve the effect of policy implementation.In terms of countermeasures and suggestions,this paper puts forward pertinent suggestions from four aspects: improving the policy and legal system,strengthening policy propaganda and training,deepening mechanism innovation and system reform,and creating a policy environment for promoting the development of small and medium-sized enterprises.It is of great significance to promote the better development of small and medium-sized enterprises in Quanzhou and even to promote the smooth and rapid economic development of the whole city.
Keywords/Search Tags:Quanzhou City, Small and medium-sized enterprises(SMEs), Support policies, Smith model
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