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Study About Interaction Between Traditional Culture And Rural Tourism

Posted on:2009-06-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2189360248452483Subject:Business management
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Static interaction between traditional culture and rural tourism is that rural tourism products imply deep traditional culture. Rural tourism is one of the best way to protect traditional culture. Rural tourism introduce traditional culture well. traditional arts support tourism products to create and strengthen geographical and cultural characteristics. Rural tourism improve traditional arts and tourism arts enhance traditional culture. But now, the benign dynamic interaction is little observed, the most is vicious dynamic interaction. For examples, much tourism development ignored the meaning and value of traditional culture. Tourism development made traditional culture resource be damaged, some places develop rural tourism that will destroy traditional culture. traditional culture is inflected and alienation by foreign culture. The building in rural tourism places destroyed traditional culture. Rural tourism products are developed extensively, have not local cultural products. So firstly, we should strengthen the community participation. Attracting real cultural tourists can improve protecting the rural traditional culture. Secondly, making use of some strategy to develop rural traditional culture tourism, such as, playing the rich advantages in resources of rural traditional culture tourism, attaching importance to recourse productivity and the feeling of visitors, connecting the tradition and modern, focusing on protecting rural tourism recourse. At last, adopting some methods to realize the benign interaction between traditional culture and rural tourism, such as, showing rural traditional culture should come from the basic and life power, connecting the traditional culture tourism and environment tourism, choosing and creating appropriate models for traditional culture, developing tourism projects that reflect traditional culture, producing unique tourism products, enhancing the local cultural level, building national culture villages, developing tourism marketing in order to show the traditional culture, developing the folk art, creating tourism arts.
Keywords/Search Tags:Traditional culture, Rural tourism, Static interaction, Dynamic interaction, Vicious interaction, Benign interaction
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