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Study On The Credit Guarantee System Of Small And Medium Enterprises In China

Posted on:2010-10-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the development of economy, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) become more and more important in every country's economy, its existence and development turn out to be a more and more important factor to effect a country's economy. Development of SMEs has a very important effect creating a job, increasing a fiscal levy, driving tecnological innovation, promoting export and keep economic vitality. However,because of lacking credit records and information transparency, SMEs have many difficulties in financing. To build the credit guarantee system which can shorten the gap of loans for such enterprises has been a basic method for the nations to support SMEs.Fist of all, the thesis discusses some supporting theories on credit guarantee. Based on the analysis of the state of financing with SMEs in China, it puts forward the reasons of the predicament and the credit guarantee is the way of relieving the problem of SMEs' loan dilemma.That is to set up a national credit guarantee system of SMEs. Second, it researches and summarizes the credit guarantee system of SMEs in representative countries, such as Japan, America, Italy ,Germany, Korea,Tai Wan district and so on by deeply analyse and summary. Third, the article introduced Chinese SMEs credit guarantee system for the overall development situation, and introduce the policy model, business model and mutual guarantee model in China. And put forward a perspective that's according to different enterprises ,it should choose different guarantee model. At last, on the basis of using international successful experiences for reference and combining the situation of our country, it puts forward some countermeasures and suggestions on how to perfect the internal operating mechanism and optimize the external growing condition and point out that the business model should be strongly advocated to remain the system of SMEs' sustainable development in China.The thesis is planned to carry out some useful discussions on the theory'supporting and system's building of credit guarantee of SMEs and is expected to provide some valuable references for lightening the loan predicament of SMEs .
Keywords/Search Tags:Small and Medium Enterprises(SMEs), Credit Guarantee System, Credit Guarantee Model
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