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A Study On User's Acceptance Behavior To 3G Business Applications Based On UTAUT Modle

Posted on:2010-10-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2189360278465722Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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3G represents the third generation mobile communication technology. It is not just a simple technical synonym. The varieties of business applications based on 3G will soon lead people into a new era of wireless communications. This is on account of that 3G business applications are not only the simple expansion of 2G ones, but also the realization of the mobile and Internet integration. In this way, it will establish a new real-time wireless data communication experience world, which could provide more flexible, richer and fresher data information services. Therefore, the development of 3G business applications is a leap of the development of mobile data services. The 3G business application mentioned in this paper does not refer to a specified mobile data service, but for the overall developed services based on 3G technology.After the reorganization of the six operators in Chinese telecommunication industry, the three 3G licenses have been released on Jan 07, 2009: W-CDMA, CDMA2000 and TD-SCDMA. Thereout, Chinese 3G era is on the way right now, and 3G business applications competition will also really start. Then, how can we get the recognition of the customers for 3G business applications? And what are the factors that will affect consumer to use 3G business applications on earth?Against such a significant topic, this paper is based on UTAUT model, and combined with the "perceived risks", "perceived costs", "personal creativity" and "internet experience" to build up the "3G Business Applications Acceptance Model". This paper also made the customer behavior survey and conducted the demonstration analysis to reveals the direct and indirect effect of all the factors involved in this model to consumer behavior. And the ranked order based on the effect extent is: behavioral intention, perceived facilitating conditions, perceived risks, perceived costs, personal creativity, internet experience, effort expectancy, performance expectancy and social influence.This paper is divided into five parts: part 1 introduced the major concepts, study content and ideas; part 2 reviewed and summed up related theories and literatures; part 3 established the "3G Business Applications Acceptance Model" based on the analysis, and also raised the research hypothesizes; part 4 used the professional statistical methods of Structural Equation Model to conduct demonstration test of the model and hypothesizes developed in this paper; part 5 made the summary of the full article. Throughout the above five parts of the study, this paper finds out the various factors that will affect the consumers' acceptance of 3G business applications, and also provides the marketing proposals, what is the purpose of the study.
Keywords/Search Tags:3G business application, utaut model, personal creativity, internet experience, perceived risks, perceived costs
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