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Research On Influence Factors Of Rural Mobile Internet Users' Intention Based On UTAUT Model

Posted on:2019-07-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2429330566496086Subject:Business Administration
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In recent years,along with the continuous changes in the Internet industry,the rapid development of mobile communications technology and the popularization of smartphones,the mobile Internet emergesd.And it has become increasingly prominent in people's life.People felt the value of enhancing material and spiritual life by using mobile Internet.Nowadays,our country also has the urgent request to speed up the construction of rural informatization and promote the economic development in rural areas.Therefore,the construction of mobile internet in rural areas has also been taken seriously.How to meet the needs of rural population for information technology thereby enhancing rural users willingness to accept the mobile Internet has become a research topic of practical significance.This study summarizes the current research status of rural mobile Internet,and Theory of Reasoned Action(TRA),Theory of Planned Behavior(TPB),Technology Acceptance Model(TAM),Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology(UTAUT),Theory of Perceived Risk and other related theories are reviewed.Based on UTAUT,this paper construct a theoretical model that affects rural users willingness of using mobile Internet with adding two variables that are perceived risk and perceptual entertainment and three adjusting variables that are gender,age and monthly income.Then this study put forward relevant hypotheses.Taking rural users in southern Jiangsu Province as an example,this paper collected data of 312 valid samples through questionnaires and used SPSS19.0 to analyze the reliability and validity of the questionnaire,while using AMOS17.0 to verify the model.Empirical results show that performance expectancy,effort expectancy,social influence and perceived entertaining have a significant positive impact on rural users willingness of mobile Internet.Perceived risk has a significant negative impact on rural users willingness of mobile Internet.And gender and age play a significant regulatory role in the model.Based on the conclusion drawn from the empirical analysis,this paper presents the following suggestions on developing rural mobile Internet from the perspective of mobile operators.First,meet the practical needs of consumers and improve users performance expectancy;Second,speed up the research and upgrade of terminal equipments and services,and simplify the users operation process;third,increase publicity efforts and expand the scope of social influence;fourth,rich business diversify and meet the entertainment needs;Fifth,establish a good brand image and reduce risk;Sixth,develop a differentiated strategy and provide personalized services;Seventh,sthengthenmanagement measures to improve service quality.Finally,this paper provides the limitations and prospects of the research.
Keywords/Search Tags:Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology(UTAUT), rural mobile Internet, Willingness to Use, Perceived Risk, Perceived Entertaining
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