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Research Of The Role Of The Government In Promoting Technological Innovation Of Small And Medium Sized Enterprises

Posted on:2010-08-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2189360278953809Subject:Administrative Management
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With the fact that more and more high and new technology achievement is extended and applied, the conventional industry technology has got transformation and upgrading, industrial structure has optimized unceasingly . the productivity maximum has improved, gigantic change happened in society economy. High and new technology industries is already become driving force of country development and the strategy commanding elevation of current world economy contention, which is seen as a country's economic prosperity, science and technology prosperity, national strength and a strong foundation of modern civilization, and the major symbol of the relationship between the state and the nation's future the rise and fall. Being the key factor that the pattern affecting world economy and politics changes . High and new technology industries is integration basis of the developed countries to carry out economic globalization which is also an important way for the developing countries to revitalize economy.Most of small and medium sized enterprises develop in the process which is that foundation stone and by the most active factor in technological innovation. Small and medium sized enterprises are the direction representing development of future estate and most exuberant element of the economy. The government's supporting and guidance plays an important role in small medium-sized and enterprises technological innovation activity which is indispensable.However, affected by accepting tradition planned economy and the big business scale effect, government still is short of on macro-control to small and medium-sized enterprises technological innovation forceful support; The medium-sized and small enterprises technological innovation have not formed system till now on policy supports policy; The protection in being innovative legally to medium-sized and small enterprises technology is fairly insufficient. Therefore, innovation and development of small and medium enterprises can not be separated from the government's guidance and support.According to the basic characteristics and the role in the social and economic status of small and medium enterprises, draw the abroad governments supporting small and medium-sized enterprises technological innovation experience . supporting small and medium-sized enterprises technological innovation history and current situation combining with our country government and the existing problems, describes the main modes of our country to promote small and medium-sized enterprises technological innovation. In this paper, the theory that the government support the need for technological innovation of small and medium enterprises and to follow some basic principle of government support to small and medium enterprises in our country, namely: from the Porter's model of national innovation system, four main factors Government to analyze the management of small and medium-sized enterprises in the role of technological innovation.Necessity and a few bases abiding by peanuts technological innovation in the main body of a book being supported taking theory as the basis have pointed out the government, the approach having suggested that our country government supports medium-sized and small enterprises technological innovation is: four major factor of the system model being innovative respectively from the Porter.This innovation place of this article lies in based on the Porter's Country Innovation System model analysis government manages function in the Small and medium-sized enterprise technological innovation. Analyze government's function from Porter's the Country Innovation System model's four essential factors. But. the concrete operations and the implementation aspect of government's supports to the small and medium-sized enterprises government waits for further studying.
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