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Research On Technological Innovation Capability In Chinese Medium & Small-sized Enterprises

Posted on:2016-10-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2309330473456550Subject:Technical Economics and Management
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Innovation is the only way to achieve a major breakthrough in China’s enterprises, innovation is also the important premise and the core of the enterprise growth and development. Especially in the face of the current international market competition, the development of high-tech products, the situation of internationalization us even more aware of the technological innovation is very important to keep national economy sustainable growth.Small and medium-sized enterprises in tax revenues and promoting economic growth, increasing employment, technological innovation, expanding exports, regulating the income distribution, to maintain social stability and optimize the layout of national economic structure role, has become the main body in maintaining steady and rapid economic growth, in social development plays an important role in the national economy. Although small and medium-sized enterprise for the economic development of our country has an irreplaceable position and role, and is gradually become a main force to promote China’s technological innovation ability, but in the process of its development is the weakness of entrepreneurs’innovation consciousness, innovation talent shortage, weak capacity for independent innovation, intermediary service institutions function is not perfect, imperfect relevant policies and regulations, lack of suitable for their own development mode of innovation, has restricted the innovation process and the benefits of small and medium-sized enterprises in our country. For small and medium-sized enterprises of our country, therefore, how to better solve the above problems, and how to make use of existing resources to choose suitable for their own development mode of technology innovation in order to improve the technical innovation ability, thus improve the core competitiveness of China’s small and medium-sized enterprises and market competitiveness, has become the current and the solutions to the problem. It is in this context, this thesis choose middle enterprise technology innovation mode selection in China are studied.(1) based on the theory of technological innovation in the existing literature and practical requirements, definition and classification of technology innovation pattern. Our technological innovation mode can be divided into independent innovation, imitating innovation and cooperative innovation. Through the analysis of the present situation of our country small and medium-sized enterprise technology innovation, find out the problems and the insufficiency, it is concluded that choice Technology innovation model suitable to China’s small and medium-sized enterprise development is very necessary.(2) to build our country small and medium-sized enterprise technology innovation ability index system, namely technology innovation investment ability, production capacity, output and innovation management skills. At the same time, the fuzzy hierarchy comprehensive evaluation method is adopted to evaluate the capability of technological innovation of small and medium-sized enterprises in our country. Through on-the-spot investigation, the choice of Qingdao credit suisse petroleum equipment company case analysis and concluded that the company’s technical innovation ability is good, so take combined with independent innovation, cooperative innovation and gradually strengthen the independent innovation strategy pattern.(3) through to our country small and medium-sized enterprise technology innovation of literature summary, investigation and case analysis, finally, the paper puts forward the countermeasures of improving our country small and medium-sized enterprise technology innovation development.
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