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Yunnan Province, Taizhou Economic Growth And Total Factor Productivity

Posted on:2010-04-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2199330332476834Subject:Applied Mathematics
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Overall, the economic growth of Yunnan Province lags behind comparing with the developed eastern provinces, and What's more, there exists the imbalance of economic development in different states in Yunnan, which means the economy is in a polarization state on the whole. There is only one central city in Yunnan Province ---- Kunming, and its political, economic, cultural and medical facilities in all aspects are higher than the ones in other states and municipalities, and the central Yunnan Kunming area whose comprehensive capacity is much higher than that in other areas should play the role of urban agglomeration in Central Yunnan, driving the other City's economic growth. The type of Kunming's current economic growth is mainly capital-driving, which, from one side, also reflects that the overall economy of Yunnan is the form of capital-driving, a kind of extensive economic growth. From the end of this century to the beginning of the next century is the most important period of economic development to Yunnan Province. The trend of world economic development, China's economic and social development together with the development of central and western China, has proposed the request of the establishment and development of central Yunnan city group, pushing it to the cutting-edge of the combination of eastern economy and western economy, China's economy and the economy in Southeast Asia and South Asia. Therefore, in order to change the type of current economic growth in Yunnan, we should determine the function and role of cross-century development of the Central Yunnan city group scientifically, promote technological innovation, and change the economic growth mode from extensive to intensive.By the analysis of economic disparities, as well as the division of economic region in the states and municipalities of Yunnan Province, this paper has revealed that the current economic pattern is a polarized one----only one center in Kunming city, while other cities' development is a more balanced one with no leap characterized by high speed, which means these cities are relatively backward, illustrating the economic growth pattern of Yunnan Province, an unequilibrium one on the whole. Through calculating the TFP of the cities of Yunnan Province, we found that the size of the TFP level has a certain positive correlation with the economic development level of the cities and we also obtained the TFPG Then we further explained the positive relevance between economic growth and the TFPG by horizontal and vertical comparison of the TFGP in various cities. Kunming is the only center of Yunnan, which is also a symbol of the economic development of Yunnan, so we have quantitatively analyzed how the factor inputs in Kunming make contributions to the economic growth, and based on which, we also made a quantitative analysis of the factors of TFP and then further proposed that it should play the role of a central Yunnan Urban Agglomeration, enabling the surrounding areas to receive a more favorable economic radiation, and lead to economic growth of the entire Yunnan Province ultimately.The empirical analysis of economic growth in Yunnan Province concluded that to increase of the overall economic growth of Yunnan Province, we must accelerate the pace of the three industrial restructurings, realize the strategic shift from the production-based to service-oriented, adjust the distribution of productive forces, improve the service industry proportion, and raise the overall service levels of development; we must innovate by the science and technology, speed up the overall industrial structure, adjust the long-term strategic, vigorously promote the independent innovation, support the development of high-tech industries, speed up the scientific and technological achievements, promote the optimization and upgrade of the industrial structure and product organizations; We also must base on the need of the central Yunnan urban agglomerations, as well as the need for reasonable distribution of the whole industrial structure in Yunnan Province, focusing on the central Yunnan Province, accelerate the industrial structural readjustment and realize the ultimate rational allocation of resources.
Keywords/Search Tags:Economic Growth, Solow Model, Total Factor Productivity, Technology Progressive
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