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Collection Of Enterprise Annuity Plan And A Comparative Study

Posted on:2009-04-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As second pillar of retirement security system,Enterprise Annuity has been adopted by most countries given its great help on releasing problem of aging population.China adopted enterprise annuity system as early as 90's,and has established basic frame as a result of 2004's two proposed methods.However,99%of China's current enterprise annuity assets are occupied by large,mostly state-owned, companies,while medium and small business,which accounts for 55%of national GDP and 75%labor force,shares only 1%market share.The purpose of this paper is giving practical methods to solve medium and small business's problem concerning enterprise annuity by learning from developing countries' mature solution-CPF(collective pension fund),and debating its usage in China.First,it systemetically discusses features and sorts of CPF,giving special attention to "Industry Fund" and "Retail Fund".Second,Hongkong,Australiar and USA are given as typical cases,with abundant data and deep research.At last, combining with China's specific situation and difficulties in medium and small business,it asserts political suggestions,including taking "Retail Fund" as main form to solve the problem,promoting financial institutions effort especially "one-stop shopping" model,authorities' focus on risk control and information disclosure,and making tax benefit an important drive for medium and small business to join enterprise annuity plans.The first major innovation of this article is its detailed description of international experience,including research of regulation details and statistic data. Another innovation is its tight following of China's most recent trends and facts, especially in 2008.The paper's most important drawback is the author's lack of practical working experience;hence analysis and political recommendation tend to be ideal.Further practical research and interview can be a good complement.
Keywords/Search Tags:CPF (collection pension fund), medium and small business, industry fund, retail fund
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