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Supply Chain Management, Based On The Full Life Cycle Of Real Estate Projects

Posted on:2009-04-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2199360278969616Subject:Civil engineering planning and management
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Real estate enterprise belongs to the project organization, which requires the enterprises to carry out the management and organization according to the project, formatting the management mode and systems beneficial to the implementation of project. At present, the cyclical adjustment is gradually changing the business environment of real estate market, our real estate market is now changes from the beginning of a seller's market to a buyer's market, the requests of customers on product quality, cost and personalization have become higher and higher, and the competition between the real estate enterprises become more competitively. Under this background, applying the supply chain management on the real estate project is particularly important.From the point of view of specialization, real estate projects contains before and after the intersection of the project activities, as well as with the activities closely related to the different organizations, from the concept of planning, positioning and defining to the development, marketing and property management of the entire life-cycle These processes and organizations form a network project based on the function of the chain structure. This article has studied it in three aspects.First of all, on the based on defining the concept of the real estate project life cycle, and considering the real estate supply chain management and its characteristics of the starting, this paper built a management framework of the integrated supply chain of the real estate projects, in this management framework, I have discussed the project objectives, the process of the project, project organization, as well as information on the project's integrated supply chain management.Secondly, in the integrated management framework of the Real estate projects supply chain, based on the design principles, and the implementations, and the design process of the real estate projects in the supply chain, This article built an organization of the supply chain network model on the based of the real estate project, and then analyzed the key organized in supply chain network, on the moment, I also discussed the issues in the real estate supply chain information-sharing.Thirdly, in the process of implementation of SCM, the choosing of supply chain partners is a critical management process. On the basis of the choosing partner's principle and selecting process on real estate projects supply chain, I built a choice index system of partner's choosing, used the theory of AHP-gray relation method and using case studies to verify the feasibility of the method.Finally, from the broad perspective of the customer, This article discussed the real estate supply chain management, customer generalized content and methods , and also analyzed the problems and countermeasures in the customer relationship management of the supply chain.
Keywords/Search Tags:Real Estate Project, Life Cycle, SCM, supply chain partnership, broad customer
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