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Analysis Of The Early Italian Songs, Vocal Music (sound) And Teaching Value

Posted on:2007-08-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Early Italian songs (17~18th century) are an important part of theworld vocal art history and play a very important role in modern vocalperformance (i. e. "Bel canto") and teaching. They are a required coursein many of the art schools and colleges, the exam-compulsory items in manyinternational vocal singing competitions, and the repertoire in manyvocalists' concerts, which speaks volumes for the artistic value of thesesongs. For the early Italian songs, the content adoration, recollectionand sorrow, which requires soft, sutle and mild voice. So the singer mustadopt a relaxed and natural way of singing and avoid hoarse shouting, thusto protect the vocal cords. At the same time, these songs are of a shortstructure and concentrated range, so appropriate for singers of everyvocal part and convenient for reinforcing the middle vocal section. Thestyle of "Bel canto" is one of being relaxed ,natural ,graceful andsoft. It's of great benefit to the basic skills such as accuratepronunciation and enunciation, free and smooth breath, voice flexibility,and refined musical cultivation.This thesis employs three popular early Italian songs (i. e.《Amarilli》,《Ombra mai fu》, and《Pur dicesti, o bocca bella》) as anexample and the author's own experience in singing and teaching thesesongs to carry out some analysis of and argumentation for their valuesin fostering good basic singing skills and fine musical self-cultivation.It also suggests to vocal art teachers and learners to attach moreimportance to early Italian songs, go deep into them to study and pay duerespect to the singing style and features of these works. We should nottake them at face value and give them rash and careless treatment.
Keywords/Search Tags:early Italian songs, basic skills, pronunciation and enunciation, breath, voice flexibility, and musical cultivation
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