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Discussion On Schumann's Song Cycle The Poets Sang Of Love And Study

Posted on:2008-05-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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"The artistic song" is one kind concise, succinct, is entrusted with the rich imagination and the profound implication take the poem as the word and with music creation unifies in together unique artistic form. The 19th century have emerged in Austria and Germany take Shubert, Shuman, suddenly composers and so on Ram Si, Wolfe, Mahler as represen tative's artistic song creation high tide. They in the inheritance classical music foundation, innovated and have enriched this time art song creation technique, enhanced the artistic song to a new boundary, also let the artistic song the status start with the opera or church music shares half and half. One of as creation romanticism art song model representative personages, Shuman has inherited the Shubert art song lyricism in its artistic song creation, unifies him to romanticism unique seeing clearly with the rich emotion experience, as well as its adept piano technology superiority, impelled the artistic song development and enables it to achieve an unprecedented altitude.Shuman's artistic song has the unique charm and the huge artistic power, the creation individuality is bright.He poetry (lyrics) literariness and the work musicality carries on the perfect union, excavates the poetry the intrinsic emotion; And has promoted the steel. The qin accompaniment status, this causes the piano accompaniment no longer is the simple accompaniment, but is lets its and vocal music the two unifies closely, thus enabled the piano accompaniment the status to have the historical promotion in the artistic song. Regardless of the Shuman art song is in the song creation technique innovation in the classical artistic song inheritance and the development, all has the cross time significance.This article will display the Shuman music from three aspects exquisiteness, will promulgate its poet's music mood, and will make every effort to understand thoroughly the 19th century romanticism Germany Austria art song the essence will be at.The first part backgrounds and so on literature, esthetics ideological trend which produces to the work conducts the research, the second part will analyze the work the melody, and characteristics and so on sound, plot, will make a careful analysis to the entire vocal music divertimento; The third part from performer's angle elaborated sings "Poet Loves" when how carries on artistic processing, enable it to obtain the reasonable utilization in the performance, finally realizes us to conduct the fundamental research the goal - - instruction practice.
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