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Shi Guangnan Vocal Music Lyrical And Singing Style

Posted on:2009-11-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Shi Guangnan is a famous composer, the people's musician, and his vocal works are widely praised in the contemporary music field. His Lyric Songs such as"Hoist hand drum and sing a song","Liquor blessing song","In the field of hope"have inspired generation after generation of Chinese people. At the same time, his two opera "Shang shi", "Qu Yuan" are the creative models in history of the development of China Opera, many of which have released in the concert as classic repertoires.This thesis takes Shi's lyric songs and the main aria of opera works as the main study objects. The writer analyzes the lyric characteristics contained in the works from the microeconomic perspective such as the choice of subjects, melodic characteristics, the word of the situation, rhythm personality and so on. Then proof the specific demonstration forms of this characteristic by the methods of using comprehensive overview first and then analyzing in details. At the same time, integrating singing technical theory with emotional adjustment theory, on the problem of how to reflect the lyrical characteristic, explore the vocal styles of Shi's works in theoretically and practically. Some conclusions are drawn from this research: Shi Guangnan's vocal works have clear and profound lyric nature, which is one of the major characteristics in his vocal creation. Mr. Shi is adept in utilizing the themes of times, and assimilating ethnic melody tone to express the aspirations of the broad masses of people. In the opera works, he integrates the dramatic description with lyric drawing organically, and effectively digs the ideological contents of the works, and raises the emotional depth of the characters through the creation Chinese and Western melody, the rhythm changes Modulate phase, rich and accurate word lining cavity lining. By the systematic discussion on the vocal style of Shi's works from the perspective of singing techniques, it is suggested to seize the "China with Western" vocal style on the whole. And then resolve the central proposition of how to express the works'lyric characteristics in concert from the singing tone and rhythm, phrases strength, tone and pitch, portamento, the language, the word lining cavity lining, emotional input etc. In the meanwhile, the thesis points out that the in-depth study on the lyric characteristic of Shi Guangnan's vocal works provides performers with great significance in guiding role and progress to perform the ideological content of Shi's works and artistic nuances completely.Papers were divided into three chapters to describe. About 35,000 characters.The first chapter, briefed introduces Shi's lives, living the background of the times as well as creative period overview, for the creation of specific characteristics does foreshadow statements. Chapter II, the exposition around Shi Guangnan vocal works'lyric natures to start. This chapter is divided into two points, from the Lyric Songs and opera, which are two types of genres, with specific examples, to analysis and discussion the lyrical nature of the specific manifestations in-depth.Chapter III, with lyrical nature of the manifestations of the vocal works of Shi Guangnan, discussed the studies of concert style by macro and micro, and further Solve the problem of how to reflect the lyrical nature in singing Practice. This chapter is divided into two quarters, the first quarter from a technical perspective put forward the "Chinese and Western" vocal style, with specific examples from four small areas such as the flavor, resonance, articulation enunciation, singing literary to explains; II, combined works of micro and macro-processing requirements, from the basic elements of music concerts, singing and emotional performance, the characters explored how the following three areas of the concert embodied in the lyrical nature of the problem.In the conclusion of the paper, in addition to expound the arguments, it will be Summarized Shi Guangnan vocal works'lyric nature in brief; and the paper pointed out the highlighted practical value and practical significance of the study.
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